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Social Security Cancellation Attorneys in Tallahassee, Florida 

If the Social Security Administration (SSA) approved your request for Social Security disability benefits, you might feel a great sense of relief. However, the SSA could still terminate your benefits in what is known as Social Security cancellation or discontinuance. It is important to act quickly as soon as you find out about the SSA’s decision to terminate your disability benefits.  

At Larry K White, LLC, our Social Security cancellation attorneys in Tallahassee, Florida, assist clients in fighting a Social Security termination. We can help you navigate the appeals process with ease and ensure that you are able to continue receiving the benefits to which you are entitled. With an office in Tallahassee, Florida, we serve clients throughout the state, including Jacksonville, Gainesville, Jefferson County, and Gadsden County.  

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Reasons Why Social Security Can Be Cancelled or Discontinued  

Many people who currently receive Social Security disability benefits do not understand what can trigger Social Security cancellation/discontinuance. There are many circumstances that may result in the termination of Social Security benefits, including but not limited to: 

  • Receiving an inheritance 

  • Obtaining a settlement or winning an award in a personal injury or workers’ compensation case 

  • Returning to work while collecting the benefits 

  • Reaching full retirement age while collecting the benefits 

  • Turning 18 years of age (for disabled children) 

  • Changes in a living situation (e.g., entering a nursing home or another assisted living facility) 

  • Being sentenced to jail or prison for committing a crime 

  • Having your income or assets increase above the eligibility limit 

  • Seeing a significant improvement in a medical condition 

  • Death of the beneficiary 

Regardless of why the SSA wants to terminate your Social Security disability benefits, you can fight the cancellation or discontinuance of the benefits. Our Social Security cancellation attorneys at Larry K White, LLC, can help you understand the reasons for the termination of your benefits and explain your options to challenge the cancellation.  

How to Avoid Cancellation  

Even if the SSA is considering terminating your Social Security disability benefits, it may still be possible to avoid the cancellation. Often, the SSA will contact the applicant and request specific information or documentation before terminating the benefits. If the applicant fails to cooperate with the SSA, they may not be able to avoid cancellation.  

Failure to respond to the SSA’s requests for additional documentation to ascertain your condition can result in the cancellation or discontinuance of your disability benefits. The SSA must follow a specific procedure when terminating an individual’s Social Security disability benefits. If the agency fails to follow the procedure, the individual has a right to challenge the cancellation and seek reinstatement.  

Your Rights to Challenge the Cancellation  

When it comes to challenging the cancellation of disability benefits, individuals generally have two options to appeal the termination of their benefits:  

  1. Appeal while continuing to receive benefits (10 days). You can appeal the SSA’s decision to terminate your benefits and continue to receive the benefits while your appeals case is pending. However, you must make an appeal within 10 days of receiving the SSA’s denial letter to make sure that you continue receiving benefits. If your attempts to challenge the cancellation are not successful, the SSA can recoup the overpayment of disability benefits.  

  1. Appeal without receiving the benefits (60 days). If you wish to challenge the cancellation without receiving the benefits, the SSA gives you 60 days to make an appeal. If your attempts to appeal the SSA’s termination are successful, you may be paid the disability benefits that you missed after the cancellation.  

The appeals process can be quite complicated and time-consuming. To begin the process, your first step is to request reconsideration to reverse the SSA’s decision. If your claim is still denied, your next step is to request a hearing before an administrative law judge. The third level of the appeals process is to have your claim reviewed by the Appeals Council. If the Appeals Council rejects the claim, filing a civil action in a federal court is the final option for challenging the cancellation.  

Dealing with the cancellation or discontinuance of your Social Security disability benefits is never easy. That is why you need the assistance of a knowledgeable attorney to protect your rights and ensure that you fill out the appropriate forms and present all available evidence to strengthen your appeal case. Our Social Security cancellation attorneys at Larry K White, LLC, will guide you every step of the way to ensure that you can avoid cancellation or appeal the termination of your disability benefits.  

Social Security Cancellation Attorneys Serving Tallahassee, Florida  

The cancellation or discontinuance of Social Security disability benefits can have long-term ramifications. However, you may still have a chance to keep your benefits. Our Social Security cancellation attorneys in Tallahassee, Florida, help clients ensure that they continue to receive the benefits to which they are entitled. Contact Larry K White, LLC, to discuss what you can do if the SSA wants to stop your benefits.